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3M 3630 Scotchcal 24"x10 Yds 6 Yr Premium Cast Translucent Vinyl

3M 3630 Scotchcal Premium Cast Translucent Vinyl Film 24x10

Price: $104.84

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FDC series 3630 is 3M 3930 3M™ Scotchal™ Translucent Graphic Film - This is a cast translucent that comes in a wide color selection, many with pantone simulations. This product comes on a synthetic liner, is not affected by moisture and does not split if wet. The liner is also great for multi-color registration and has superior lay-flat characteristics. The 3630 has a low surface gloss to eliminate glare as well as uniform color in both reflected and transmitted light, intended for back-lit signage. This product is also sheetable. To order punched material, use part number 3680.

Key Features      
Film Technology: Cast
Film Thickness: 2.0 mil.
Finish: Low Surface Gloss
Blockout: N/A
Outdoor Durability: 6 years
Adhesive/Color: Permanent / Clear
Liner: Transparent Synthetic
Conformability: Flat Surfaces
Computer Cut: Yes
Steel Rule: Yes
Thermal Die: Yes
Flat Bed: Yes
Sheetable: Yes
Laminate: Cold
Shelf Life: 2 Year
Thermal Transfer: N/A
Solvent: N/A
Eco Solvent: N/A
UV Inkjet: N/A
Screen: Yes
Wet Apply: N/A
Minimum Application °F: 50 F
Interior/Exterior: Interior and Exterior

Select color in cart
020 White
121 Silver
051 Silver Grey
071 Shadow Grey
061 Slate Grey
069 Duranodic
022 Black
059 Dark Brown
063 Rust Brown
109 Light Rust Brown
129 Bronze
131 Gold Metallic
141 Gold Nugget
149 Light Beige
005 Ivory
015 Yellow
125 Golden Yellow
075 Marigold
025 Sunflower
074 Kumquat Orange
084 Tangerine
044 Orange
043 Light Tomato Red
143 Poppy Red
083 Regal Red
033 Red
073 Dark Red
053 Cardinal Red
049 Burgundy
128 Plum Purple
133 Raspberry
118 Intense Magenta
078 Vivid Rose
108 Pink
068 Rose Mauve
087 Royal Blue
036 Blue
137 European Blue
157 Sultan Blue
097 Bristol Blue
167 Bright Blue
127 Intense Blue
337 Process Blue
057 Olympic Blue
147 Light European Blue
317 Evening Blue
246 Teal Green
236 Turquoise
126 Dark Emerald Green
076 Holly Green
026 Green
116 Bright Jade Green
146 Light Kelly Green
156 Vivid Green
136 Lime Green
106 Brilliant Green
115 Light Lemon Yellow