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AFINIA PLA Premium Filament for 3D Printers

Afinia PLA Premium Filament 3D Printer

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The AFINIA H-Series 3D Printer extrudes plastic filament to create 3D parts and models. The H-Series 3D printer uses high-quality, inexpensive PLA plastic filament for 3D printing.

The filament specification is 1.75 millimeters. The filament spool is easily fed by the extruder head. The filament is extruded at 200°- 210° Celsius to .15mm onto a heated platform.

AFINIA-supplied filaments have been tested to conform to the AFINIA 3D printer’s specifications and work best for most applications. Although other filaments may be used, it is not recommended, as some filaments work poorly or can cause damage to the extruder head and machine. Afinia offers an array of plastic filament colors.

Certified for use in AFINIA H-Series printers and others specific to optimum extrusion temperature.

Premium filament provides the most precise layering for higher tolerance control of the 3D model dimensions. This high performance filament is designed specifically for H-Series 3D Printers and maximizes the output quality.

Users will experience that the Premium filament 3D built raft and supports breakaway very easily from the print, allowing for quick and clean removal from the finished model.

Advantages of Afinia’s Premium PLA:

No pre-heating of the platform required – The H-Series platform quickly heats to a low 50°C which is the platform temperature for printing PLA
Reduced warping, lifting, or curling of models – Afinia’s Premium PLA filament has a reduced thermal expansion coefficient than ABS which means the PLA layers are less likely to shrink after printing
Less odor – Compared to ABS, Afinia’s PLA has reduced odor and a pleasant, sweet smell like pancakes

  • 1.75 mm plastic PLA (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Premium filament
  • 500 gram spool (200 meters) in a vacuum-packed foil bag with a desiccant pack.
  • Optimum extrusion temperature 260 - 270 degrees Celsius

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26128 - Black
26135 - White
25246 - Gray
25253 - Blue
25260 - Green
25267 - Natural
26093 - Burgundy
26100 - Orange