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Forever Laser Dark 11X17 (100ct A&B)

Forever Laser Dark 11X17

Price: $399.00

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100 pack of both A&B FOREVER laser dark brand of transfer paper Designed for the application of high quality, full color images to low temperature substrates, the Forever Laser Dark transfer paper is a unique 2 step system that eliminates the hassle of weeding and cutting. This paper is compatible with CMYK+W Laser printers or white toner printers like the OKI8432wt, OKI920wt and OKI9541wt.

This is a 2-step self weeding system where you print your mirrored design on an “A-foil” then press to a “B Polymer” using a heat press. The polymer will only adhere to the toner on the “A-Foil” and create a transfer ready to be added to a substrate. You will then use a heat press to apply the printed transfer to your substrate. Simply follow these directions with your OKI printer and start creating vibrant designs!

This paper can be used on cotton, polyester and blended textiles.


  • Transparent print media for easy alignment
  • Low processing temperature (300°F-320°F)
  • Easy two step application
  • High wash resistance due to unique top coating
  • Suitable for OKI White Toner & CMYK Printers


This is a transparent sheet where the image or design will be printed on. It has a special coating that will allow the printed image to be released to your apparel with a heat press. This will not leave any residue or background on the garment.


The B-sheet, also known by Forever as ‘low-temp’ B-paper, carries a special coating containing polymer that adheres to only the toner on the A-sheet. Once pressed, the polymer will allow then allow the printed transfer to be applied to t-shirts or any other textile. This paper is made specifically for use with the A-Foil and is not interchangeable. This paper is considered as low temp in comparison to other transfer or sublimation papers which require a much higher temperature to perform the marrying process. Note that you may have to slightly increase or decrease the temperature of your heat press to achieve desired results.

Please download instructions prior to making a purchase.
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