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AIT 1224PA Label Press 6"x6" Air-Automatic

AIT 1224PA 6x6 Air Automatic Label Heat Press

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The A.I.T. 1224PA Automatic Heat Seal Label Press is a pneumatically operated heat press especially suited for the automatic application of roll transfers. Features include foot pedal operation and automatic positioning of transfers by an infra-red photocell.

Standard features also include digital time control, independent top and bottom temperature controls and a head safety device. The 1224PA also includes a low pressure regulation system to allow operation with a minimum of 1.5 PSI when working with sensitive materials including gold, leather and plastic.

Pieces per hour will be dependant on the dwell time for the transfers, and the time needed for the operator to unload and load the garment piece. The video demonstrates the speed of the machine operation.

The operator activates the machine using a foot pedal, and the press cycle time is controlled by a digital timer. At the end of the programmed time, the heated platen is raised and the roll of transfers is automatically indexed to the next transfer.

Includes Three Modes of Operation:
1) Automatic operation as described above.
2) Manual placement of transfers. The operator places a cut transfer manually onto the garment piece, and then activates the press cycle with the foot pedal.
3) Automatic operation, with the option to reposition the garment. The operator activates the machine with the foot pedal to lower the transfer paper just above, but not in contact with, the item receiving the transfer. The operator may then reposition the piece before activating the press cycle.

Designed for flexibility , the feed system can accommodate various sizes of transfers between 3/4" x 3/4" and 9-3/4" x 9-3/4". Additionally, the bottom platen can easily accommodate irregular shaped objects such as bags and backpacks.

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    1225PA 10"x10": Call for Quote
  • Automatic loading system for roll fed transfers
  • Independent top & bottom heating
  • Laser light positioning system
  • Digital time & temp controls
  • Head safety device
  • Timer range 0 999.9 sec.
  • Inline Air Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Applied force up to 12 PSI
  • Temperature Range: 140-575F

  • Options:
  • Steel Stand
  • Custom Die Sizes
    Domestic Crating: Call for Quote
    Export Crating: Call for Quote
    Model Dimensions Weight Platen Electrical Amps Air
    1224PA 30" x 21" x 31" 200 lbs 6" x 6" 220V-1PH-60HZ 10 90 psi/1 cfm
    1225PA 34" x 25" x 31" 235 lbs 10" x 10" 220V-1PH-60HZ 12 90 psi/1 cfm