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AIT 1350PM Heat Press 16"x20" Air-Automatic

AIT 1350PM 16x20 Air Automatic Heat Press

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The A.I.T. 1350PM is a semi-automatic heat transfer printing press designed for high pressure productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. The 1350PM is 'Safety Certified' and will meet or exceed EC safety and efficiency standards.

  • 16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm)
  • Swing-away head for easy access to the entire surface
  • Protects the operator from heat
  • Interchangeable top and bottom platens available: 4"x4"- 16"x20"
  • Quick disconnect design allows both platens to be changed in less than 5 minutes
  • Large 6" diameter air cylinder generates even and repeatable pressure across the entire surface of each plate.
  • Exclusive Astex Mica Heat Matte ensures quick recovery and consistent operating temperatures across the entire surface of the heated platen
  • Astex Mica Heat Matte is superior to tubular cal rod heating elements found in low-end heat presses
  • The matte has 100% contact with the platen to eliminate hot and cold spots and maintain operating temperature within 1 to 2 degrees throughout continuous operation of the press
  • Digital temperature and time controls with precise settings to 0.1 degrees/seconds
  • Safety features include swing-away head and 2-button close
  • Options include interchangeable platens, cap accessory & laser light positioning system
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    Also available in Optional Double Heating Version: Call for Quote