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29 Oct

Heat Press Cart Stand from Hotronix

This heat press cart/stand is adjustable and portable, perfect for any heat press, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, or DTG. It can also double as an extra layout table. See it here!

22 Jan

NEW – Portable Laser Alignment System. A Standalone System For Any Heat Press!

NEW – Portable Laser Alignment System. A Standalone System For Any Heat Press! Save on production time while improving heat transfer placement accuracy. Ideal for more consistent finished garments. See it here: https://www.bestblanks.com/stahlsheatpresses.html

25 Aug

Learn How To Use The Geo Knight Digital Control System

At the heart of all the Geo Knight digital machines is a state-of-the-art digital microprocessor control and proprietary heat control circuit field tested beyond 10 million heating cycles. This allows for an unprecedented 3 year warranty on the control. The Digital Knight controller features an oversized LCD display for easy reading of time, temperature, and […]

24 Jun

Learn How A Teflon Pad Protector Can Save You Time & Money!

See how to use the Teflon Pad Protector saving you time and money! Click the link https://www.bestblanks.com/accessories.html to learn more about this and other great products!

02 Jun

Learn How To Use The Amazing FlipFold

Learn how to use this fast and easy tool – The FlipFold. Ideal for apparel designers so they can highlight their graphics. We love time saving tools and this is definitely one of them! Click the link https://www.bestblanks.com/accessories.html#1012 to learn more about this great product!

02 Jun

Learn How To Use The TD5000 Tape Dispenser

Learn how the TD5000 Definite Length Tape Dispenser saves you time and money! Learn about this Definite Length Tape Dispenser https://www.bestblanks.com/td5000.html

02 Jun

Learn How To Use A Heat Conductive Rubber Pad When Sublimating On Delicate Substrates

Learn how to use this multi-purpose heat conductive rubber pad when sublimating on delicate substrates. (ie. tiles, ornaments, ceramic plates, glass, acrylic, etc.) Click the link below to learn more about heat conductive rubber https://www.bestblanks.com/accessories.html#2573

02 Jun

Learn How To Clean Your Heat Press

Learn how to clean your heat press by using Ez-Off heat press cleaner for light to moderate heat press use; or Hot Metal Cleaner to remove heavy ink build up on your heat press. The right tools for the job not only saves time and money, it makes life a little easier too! Click the […]

02 Jun

Learn How To Use The Nomex Felt Pad When Sublimating Tiles

Learn how to use the Nomex felt pad when sublimating on tile. This procedure provides better contact with the entire surface of the tile and its beveled edges. For More Information on Nomex Felt Pads please click the link: https://www.bestblanks.com/nomex.html

02 Jun

Learn How To Eliminate Heat Press Lines With The Lineless Transfer Kit

Learn how to us the Lineless Transfer Kit to eliminate lines left by the heat press. For more information on the Lineless Transfer Kit click the link below: https://www.bestblanks.com/accessories.html#886

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