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02 Jun

Learn How To Use A Heat Conductive Rubber Pad When Sublimating On Delicate Substrates

Learn how to use this multi-purpose heat conductive rubber pad when sublimating on delicate substrates. (ie. tiles, ornaments, ceramic plates, glass, acrylic, etc.) Click the link below to learn more about heat conductive rubber https://www.bestblanks.com/accessories.html#2573

02 Jun

Learn How To Use The Nomex Felt Pad When Sublimating Tiles

Learn how to use the Nomex felt pad when sublimating on tile. This procedure provides better contact with the entire surface of the tile and its beveled edges. For More Information on Nomex Felt Pads please click the link: https://www.bestblanks.com/nomex.html

25 Sep

How to make a tile mural using Hanes Sublimation Maker 2.0

Sublimation Tile Mural Makingthe Easy Way with Hanes Sublimation Maker 2.0 One of the great things about Hanes Sublimation Maker 2.0 is that it takes care of all your needs for tile mural making and image preparation. In this case, our mural of a cowboy will be 12×18 (3 – 6″ tiles x 2 – […]

25 Sep

How to make a tile mural using CorelDraw

How to make a tile mural using CorelDraw Many people ask me how to make a larger tile mural using their heat press and dye sublimation tile. Here is a tutorial on making one using 6 inch tiles for a 6 tile mural that is 12″x18″. Using Photoshop, Corel Paint or any photo editing software, […]