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Cactus Mug Wraps 11oz & 15oz For Sublimation Mug Printing

Cactus Mug Wrap for 11oz and 15oz Mugs for sublimation

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Cactus Wraps are the perfect inexpensive solution for small or large-scale production for imprinting mugs in your home oven or a conveyor mug oven. Designed for durability and superior coverage, top to bottom prints are easily attainable as well as getting as close as possible to the handles. Simple to use with any oven, they make mug production a breeze.

Works with both 11 and 15 oz mugs.

Note: The Cactus Wrap is not recommended for video prints.


1. TRIM TRANSFER: Before applying, trim the transfer so that there is no excess paper above or below the mug.
Tip: trim the top of the transfer with a straight edge; this will assist you in lining the transfer up with the top of the mug to help eliminate crooked transfers.

2. APPLY TRANSFER: Secure the ends of your transfer to the mug using heat tape. TIP: Fold one end of the heat tape to make for quick, easy removal of transfer.

3. WRAP MUG: Lay mug wrap flat on the table (White side down. White side will be on the outside). Position mug in the center of wrap and bring ends of wrap together. Latch the metal clip over metal catch block (through the handle, see image above) and tighten bolt until wrap is snug against mug cylinder. Do not over-tighten! Adjust tension bolt until snug by hand, then turn another revolution or two (with a 7/16" nut driver or socket wrench, makes it easier).

4. PLACE IN OVEN: Make sure oven is set at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your wrapped mugs in the oven top down, this will allow heat to be trapped inside of the mug, improving transfer quality. Space each mug at least 2 inches apart; 2" spacing allows for maximum airflow between mugs and more even heating of the entire mug. Cook mug for approximately 12 minutes. Some time adjustment may be needed depending on oven

5. REMOVE AND COOL: NOTE: If you are not using a Mug Oven with a Cooler then you will need to wear heat protective gloves to handle the finished wraps and mugs. Remove mug from oven with heat protective gloves. Lay mug on table holding the handle with one glove; then with a socket wrench or for faster performance use an electric drill with nut driver socket. After the wrap is removed pull the heat tape from the tabbed end and immediately remove transfer with one swift motion. Place mug in room temperature water to cool mug and stop sublimation process. CAUTION: Wrap will be hot. Use care when applying wrap to another mug. It is recommended to allow wrap to cool before using again.

    The following actions will increase the life of your wrap and help to prevent premature failure.
  • Space your mugs at least 2" apart in oven, this will allow for more even heating and airflow between mugs. Also this will prevent mugs from banging together reducing the life of your wrap.
  • Do not drop or bang mugs with wraps together. Handle with care, keep away from sharp objects and long fingernails. Small cuts can lead to tearing of the wrap.
  • Only use on items the wrap is rated for; the Cactus Wrap is designed for both 11oz and 15oz mugs or any cylinder with the same diameter (ie: some steins and water bottles, etc). Use of these wraps for anything else may give poor results or shorten the life of the wrap and could result in damage such as tearing. For unusually sized or shaped items please utilize a wrap custom made for your application. If the above procedures are followed and care is taken when handling these wraps, you should expect to get many cycles from your Cactus Wraps!