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Colman Heat Press 15X15

Colman 15X15 Heat Press

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The Colman 15X15 Heat Press is a great for any entry level business or if you are seeking a great press for a smaller budget. This heat press might look similar to other budget presses, but they are not all built the same. The Colman 15x15 Heat Press Machine has a solid construction with a strong heating element. This means you will get even temperature and pressure. Quality temperature and pressure means your heat transfers apply better and last longer. If you have used a cheap heat press before, you know the frustration of tossing away GOOD shirts because the heat press failed.

This is a 15" X 15" sized platen press, the perfect size for pressing t-shirts and more. Can be used for heat transfer vinyl, transfers and sublimation. This is perfect for a table-top business or taking it on the go!

  • Platen size is 15" X 15" 
  • Manual press, equipped with timer function (beeping alert)
  • Press features over the center pressure adjustment (no pressure display) 
  • Digital control board for timer & temperature read out
  • One year full warranty on entire press
  • Lifetime warranty on heating platen
  • Solidly welded construction
  • Non-stick, Teflon coated heating platen
  • CE Approved
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