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Sublimation Workshop 2 DVD Set


Price: $149.99  
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Two Set DVD collection!

With this interactive work shop series get the skills, know-how and background you need to add sublimation to your business!

Get the valuable facts you need with this information packed 3.5 hour 2 DVD collection.

  • Get the most valuable and important training you need
  • Learn at your own pace in the convenience of your office or home
  • Replay any parts or chapters you like at any time
  • 14 educational training chapters
  • On screen menu selection. Start at any chapter
  • Master the tips and tricks of the sublimation trade

What can be easier… Order Today!
This DVD collection is the number one choice for dye sublimation education. Business owners who take this workshop course walk away a few steps ahead of the pack.

Whether you are a current business owner adding sublimation to your line-up, a novice/intermediate sublimation user who would like to learn more or merely someone exploring the dye-sub industry, This DVD collection is the industry's choice for practical instruction.

Why Should I Be Interested In This?
Whether your business expansion goals are large or small, sublimation can make it happen! From custom apparel & corporate recognition to personalized gifts, sublimation offers a world of unique opportunities. But it takes more than just a system to grow. You’ve got to have knowledge.

This dedicated sublimation workshop series is designed to give you the skills and strategies to add sublimation to your business. Whether you are choosing your first sublimation system or want to learn new ways of getting the most out of sublimation, this DVD workshop is for you.

These DVD’s are formatted as NTSC video (only) North America Not available in PAL format.