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Sawgrass Sublimation Inks (Sublijet) For Epson Printers

Sublijet Iq Sublimation Inks
Sublimation Inks for Epson Printers

SubliJet IQ Sublimation Inks for Epson sublimation printers. Ideal for beginners, mid level decorators and for larger production needs Epson wide format printers offer a more cost effective solution.

SubliJet IQ Sublimation Inks ship with Award Winning PowerDriver PROŽ color management software FREE! This color management software takes the guess work out of the process and greatly reduces your learning curve.

Sawgrass Technologies offers PartnerPlus - a comprehensive plan to fully guarantee SubliJet digital transfer inks against performance issues or defects, and to fully support any printer under Epson warranty when used with SubliJet inks. This comes after Sawgrass earned the title Certified Epson Service Center by completing Epson's Service Training Program. Sawgrass is the only sublimation provider that can provide a legitimate, full-Epson-authorized service program.

SubliM Direct sublimation inks for Epson-based print heads. Ideal for high-speed, direct digital printing of polyester fabrics. The binder-free formulation fully penetrates the fabric without bleeding or migration. A refillable system is required. See inks at bottom of page.

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