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Graphtec CE Lite-50 Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec CE Lite-50 Vinyl Cutter

Price: $899.00

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Graphtec CE LITE-50 Cutter

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Maximum cutting area: 20" x 118.11" long (498 mm x 3 m)

Cutting force 210 Grams

The CE LITE 50 is the perfect cutting plotter. This 20-inch desktop cutter is a high quality low cost solution capable of accommodating most standard size sheet and roll media (15-20 inches wide). This is an advantage over other desktop cutters on the market today. The perfect size cutting plotter for garment decorators who want the quality and precision of a Graphtec in a compact and affordable package. The 20" cutting width is ideal for production of T-shirt heat transfer vinyls for team jerseys, custom apparel and more.

The CE LITE-50 is very versatile. Small enough to take with you to fairs and events and large enough to produce quick turnaround for small to mid volume jobs.

Create original personalized goods using the Print & Cut function! This plotter can detect registration marks on your media and automatically cut around your printed image with a couple button pushes. Align the position of the cutting line to the printed image automatically, and you’ll be cutting stickers and heat transfer sheets with incredible ease. When utilizing sheet media, the CE LITE-50 is capable of finding the edge of the media and aligning the position of the contour cut line to the printed image without registration marks (must be standard size media). The max cutting area can be utilized regardless of color or shading.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect cutter choice for beginners and/or small shops
  • Good productivity output small and mid size production runs
  • Cost-effective cutting/plotter solution
  • Supports heat transfer media (sheets and rolls)
  • Continuously cut roll media designs up to 3 meters or 3.3 yards long when using the included media roll stocker
  • Easily save cut data to USB memory and cut without using a PC
  • Automatic image registration with the ARMS Print & Cut function
  • 2-Year Warranty

  • Specifications
  • Max. mountable media width of 20 inches
  • Intuitive operation by 4.3-inch touch panel (supports 10 languages)
  • USB Offline Operation
  • Includes roll media stocker, cutting blade set, cutting mat, USB cable and power cord
  • Includes the following enhanced software:
  • Cutting Master4 (Win/Mac)
  • Graphtec Pro Studio / Plus (Optional) for Windows
  • Graphtec Studio for Mac

Click Here For Full Specifications | Download Acrobat Reader

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