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Graphtec FC4500-50 Flatbed Cutter, Electrostatic Adhesion

Graphtec FC4500-50 Vinyl Cutter Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Price: $8695.00

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Warranty: One year parts and labor (plus additional one year after online registration)

The FC4500 Series are intermediate-format, professional flatbed cutting plotters capable of processing various materials with accuracy compliant to most industry requirements for pattern making.

With a maximum cutting force of 600g, this flatbed series is the economical solution for cutting thick, hard materials that cannot be fed through a roll-feed/friction-feed cutting plotter.

With Graphtec's ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System), contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed rigid cardstock and other media is a simple workflow.

Both models are equipped with Dual Tool Holders for cutting and creasing. For graphic design and packaging mockups, the FC4500 series can hold and produce creases/folds and cuts on the same run.

With its capability to hold both a cutting blade and a plotting pen simultaneously, the FC4500 allows garment/shoe pattern designers to mark and cut the material without manually replacing the marking/cutting tools.

The FC4500 Series is the ideal cutting plotter for high-precision and medium-heavy material crafting jobs and is suitable for cutting intricate designs on vinyl, photo-masking films, foam material, cardboard, oil board, and sandblast resist rubber.

Software included:
Cutting Master plug-in gives you the ability to work directly from CorelDraw and/or Illustrator (Mac and PC); D-Cut Master (standalone cutting software for PC only).

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