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Gravograph IS6000, IS7000, IS8000 Engravers

Gravograph IS6000, IS7000, IS8000 Engravers

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For professionals and manufacturers

Developed by Gravograph, the IS6000, IS7000 and IS8000 are designed to meet the needs of engraving professionals and manufacturers. They are designed for engraving, cutting and machining up to 610 x 1220 mm.

These solutions are ideal for:

  • Mass produced small signs
  • Making large charts
  • Cutting letters for large logos
  • Machining and engraving acrylic and aluminum nameplates
  • Marking over sized mechanical parts, brass and steel mould making, etc.
  • Machining

With the benefit of the full know-how of the group, these machines conform to Gravograph's high manufacturing standards.

A multifaceted machine
More than just a range of machines, the 1000 Series is a concept. The idea is to allow you to build your own engraving solution based on the demands of your own tasks:

  • Work surfaces: 3 engraving areas available
    • IS6000 = 610 x 410 mm
    • IS7000 = 610 x 815 mm
    • IS8000 = 610 x 1220 mm
  • Power: 4 spindle motor choices
  • Productive and precise performance: 3 motorized axes (FYI: X -left to right, Y- top to bottom and Z up and down to material surface)
  • Rigid cast aluminum mono bloc one piece solid frame
  • 880 mm clearance between columns
  • Maintenance free lead screws (no lubrication or maintenance required)

IQ: A robust and reliable engraving machine

Its ergonomics have been designed to simplify the job of the user: mobile bridge, remote control for engraving functions and secured electronics... An external and perfectly secured rack for performance of electronics allowing optimized completion times. A complete range of spindles and clamping accessories (vice, cylindrical attachment) and tools to suit the evolution of applications. Plus Gravostyle™ software by Gravograph allows you to create and carry out your work on IS tables with efficiency.

Make a the right choice: Get to know the characteristics of the IQ, 200W and XP Engraving Solutions

  • Available Models
  • IS6000 IQ STD
  • IS6000 200W
  • IS6000 XP
  • IS7000 IQ STD
  • IS7000 200W
  • IS7000 XP
  • IS8000 IQ STD
  • IS8000 200W
  • IS8000 XP

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