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Hix-King Pin Registration System

Hix-King Pin

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The King Pin Register system is designed to save additional set up time during pre press procedures. From film positive alignment, to screen exposure, to print set-up and registration the innovative King Pin system is simply the easiest to use; no measuring, no centering or taping.

You can combine the King Pin system with the optional HIX Micro-register print head. The pin plate quickly attaches to the new NP Bench and Rotary printer and can be easily retro-fitted to any existing HIX New Premier, Precisa or Bench printer. After aligning and punching film positives with the HIX hole puncher, simply place the art on the screen adapter plate dock the slotted Reten frames and expose your screens. After washing out the image and blocking out your screens, slide them onto your pressís dock pin and tighten.

Configuration Note:
The King Pin system will work on print heads using back or side clamps with only slight changes to handle subtle modifications and requirements of each configuration. On Side clamp configuration, the mount plate will be bolted onto the center of the cross tube. In the back clamp assembly, the mount plate will be attached and centered to the back inside wall just below the clamping bar.

    1. After creating your own film positives or vellums, punch two holes with supplied King PIN hole punch.
    2. Expose with the King PIN exposure plate, then mount the King PIN print head mount plate attached to the printer. Now you are ready to print in perfect registration.
    3. Mount frames in alignment.

    Specify 4 or 6 Color Kit