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ArmurInk Heat Transfer Ink With Bulk Ink Systems For Epson Printers

ArmurInk - Formulated For Heat Transfer Printing.
Ideal For Cotton/Polyester Blends and 100% Cotton Fabrics! Reliable, Refillable and Cost Effective Ink Systems.

ArmurInk with the PRO-FLO bulk ink delivery system gives you the best washability that pigment inks offer with the brighter color brilliancy that dye based inks achieve. This solution is ideal for transfer printing on cotton/polyester (50/50) fabrics and even 100% cotton!

Replace your expensive cartridges with our cost efficient ArmurInk system today!

About ArmurInk & Heat Transfer Papers
ArmurInk is a breakthrough in inkjet technology. These revolutionary inks are formulated to deliver excellent wash quality and color brilliance with exceptional UV stability for extended print life. With our "TransferJet" commercial quality transfer paper you can print on 50/50 or 100% cotton shirts. However, 50/50 (cotton/polyester) blends tend to wash better longer. Print on your inkjet transfer paper or ours. We have conducted extensive testing with our ArmurInks and our "TransferJet" Heat Transfer Paper and the results are amazing!

ArmurInks will produce high quality images on inkjet transfers, photographic inkjet papers, canvas, watercolor paper, etc.

Suitable Uses: Inkjet Heat Transfers, Art Giclee Printing, Professional Photographers, General Office use and alike. ArmurInk can be used as a direct replacement for Epson OEM inks and are designed to work with our PRO-FLO System for clog free printing.

NOTE: These are not sublimation inks! Learn about dye sublimation.

Simply plug in the PRO-FLO system, pour the ArmurInk in the bottles and you're ready to print! The ArmurInk solution is a much lower cost structure than most others! See for yourself and compare... See Imaging Costs

Important! Please double check you've selected the right PRO-FLO and Inks for your printer.
For maximum wash fastness heat transfers must be applied with a heat press.
Using a heat press will insure maximum bond of the ArmurInk with the transfer & shirt.