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Geo Knight MAXI PRESS Heat Press Air-Operated Large Format 32"x42"/44"x64"

Geo Knight MAXI PRESS Air-Operated Heat Press Large Format
Maxi Press Air-Operated

Price: $12,250.00  
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Bottom Heat Platen Available
(To add bottom heat platen to your current press, please contact us)
Bottom heat platens are ideal for double-sided products such as car flags, bag tags, holiday ornaments, lanyard badges, etc. Because each platen utilizes fully independent digital control boxes and Geo Knight® SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology, the presses can be easily adjusted to also provide traditional top-only heat or bottom-only heat when needed.

The Geo Knight AIR is the next step up from the Manual version. This automatic press is provides massive amounts of pressure due to its dual air-bag, 10-ton/20,000 lbs max force pneumatic pressing system. The heavy steel triple reinforced welded C-Frame design is built to withstand a lifetime of intense pressing and automatic operation, and allows for full draping of materials over the front, left and right sides of the press, without hindrance. The electronic digital temperature control maintains even heat across the entire surface of the heater, and the timer automatically starts when the press is activated and automatically releases the press when elapsed. For a large format heavy pressure automatic press that is one step below the larger industrial 931 Triton machines, the AIR is the solution.

The AIR is an Automatic large format heat transfer press intended for more automated and higher pressure needs than the Manual version. The AIR provides an oversized platen & a better production-oriented press with a single front loading table and high pressure pneumatic lifting system. This pressure system is powered by a dual air-bag, 10-ton, 20,000 lbs max force self leveling mechanism. The press is activated with a push of a button, and automatically releases at the end of the timing cycle. The front console features the Digital Knight control, regulating digital temperature and digital automatic timing control, as well as full air pressure regulation.

  • Digital Micro-Processor based temperature control
  • LCD Digital timer control
  • Solid state heater relay control
  • Supercoil Microwinding heating elements
  • Thermocouple sensor
  • Hands-free automatic timer activation
  • Thermal runaway alarm circuit
  • Easy access control panel
  • Volts: Size 32x42: 208-230, 9,000 watts 1Ph/42A (50Amp breaker recommended)
  • Volts: Size 44x64: 208-230, 18,000 watts 1PH/85A (100Amp breaker recommended)
    Optional 3Ph/42Amp (50A breaker recommended) Add $375.00
  • Internal control and main fusing disconnect box
  • Heavy steel frame welded steel structures
  • Wide open C-frame design allows for left-to-right draping
  • Ultra thick heater block assembly
  • Front loading easy table slide assembly
  • Locking casters for fast machine placement
  • Self leveling pneumatic lift system
  • 10 ton, 20,000 lbs max applied force
  • Fully adjustable pressure regulator
  • Pressure gauge indicator
  • Solid machined-flat lower loading table
  • 1/2" thick high-temp nomex padding
  • Full one year warranty on machine.
Includes FREE Lifetime Technical Support!

    AIR 32" x 42": $11,760.00
    AIR 44" x 64": $18,672.00
    Twin Shuttle Option 32" x 42": $3,450.00

    Twin Shuttle Option 44" x 64": $4,650.00
    Bottom Heat & Control 32" X 42": $5,400.00 Requires 3phase power
    Bottom Heat & Control 44" X 64": $5,900.00 Requires 3phase power

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At the heart of these machines is a state-of-the-art digital microprocessor control and proprietary heat control circuit field tested beyond 10 million heating cycles. This allows for an unprecedented 3 year warranty on the control.
The Digital Knight controller features an oversized LCD display for easy reading of time, temperature, and pressure/height gauge readings.
The controller has a surprising array of extremely useful features such as:
  • Automatic Digital Timer and second Prepress Timer
  • Digital Pressure Bar Graph (included on T-Shirt models)
  • User programmable presets
  • # of Pressure Cycles Recording
  • Selectable Alarms
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius temp display
  • Pressure/Height gauge readout
  • Open/Timing/Done indicators
  • Ready/Heating indicators
  • Timer counts Mins/Secs OR Hours/Mins
  • Temperature drop-sense alarm
Overall, the extremely accurate control and intuitively easy to use interface makes for a reject-free production environment.

The heaters on all platens of the Digital Knight line use an exclusive coil winding technology for dramatically superior evenness and speed of heating. Compared to traditional heating methods, the Geo Knight & Co. SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology out-performs everything else.

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