What You Should Know About US Made Heat Presses

Heat press machines that are produced by U.S. manufacturers are well built and very reliable. The factories we represent have been manufacturing presses for decades. They only use the best components and methods (thermostats, heating coils, controllers, frames, castings, welds, etc). This is the reason they can offer the longest warranties in the industry! Many models come with lifetime warranties on the heat platens and one or multi-year on the other components. These presses are not only built to last, they are built in a modular design so in the rare case that a component needs to be changed the user can accomplish this without having to send the press back to the factory. Furthermore, should you need a part they are readily available. These presses are also designed with ergonomics in mind to help reduce operator fatigue. For these reasons buying a U.S. made heat press is money well spent.