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BLANK PUZZLES: Many Sizes In Stock!

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Ideal for Inkjet & Sublimation Printing.
For all blanks that work with sublimation click here!

puzzle_printed.jpg Our blank white puzzles are specially made for digital transfer printing & sublimation.
The tops of our puzzles are made with a bright white (soft micro finish) fabric.

We stock the most popular sizes!
(Please note: 30 piece puzzle is shown in picture).

We also offer "TransferJet" Heat Transfer papers
that work great with these puzzles.

Please note: These puzzles are only to be used with sublimation
printing or our "TransferJet" inkjet heat transfer paper.
Not recommended for use with laser heat transfer papers
because you will not be able to remove the laser paper!
Additionally, you must use a heat press. Using a home iron will not work.

We no longer carry puzzles for standard digital transfer papers. We only carry puzzles for sublimation. Please see the sublimation section on our site.

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