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RingCube (Ring & Bracelet) Engraver - Standard Version

RingCube Engraver - Standard Version
RingCube STD

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Ring Cube Video

The RingCube is the height of compact engraving technology. The RingCube engraves text or symbols onto rings or bracelets to create unique, personal gifts. Ideal for use on gold, gold-plated, silver, steel and aluminium jewelry.

With a footprint of just 8.86" x 10.63" in this stand-alone engraving system includes a touch-screen monitor and virtual keyboard as well as drawers to store engraving accessories. With the RingCube, there are no unsightly cable connections, no need for a PC, keyboard or mouse and no additional storage solutions required. Simply plug, play and tidy away.

Why hide your technology? With its stylish, matt champagne design, the RingCube bears the hallmark of a renowned French designer. The machine engraves discreetly to help you bring engraving out of the workshop and into the shop front. Position the RingCube in the front of your jewelry outlet to ensure maximum impact and customer attention.

The RingCube offers a new approach to engraving for both you and your customers. Guided by the easy to use RingCube software, achieve satisfying engraving results in just five easy steps. Your sales assistants will be able to engrave with the RingCube system after just 30 minutes training. Engraving preparation is simple; the engraving process, reliable. The RingCube is designed to let you share the engraving moment, in full view of your customers and with their active participation.

The RingCube offers immediate results for immediate customer satisfaction. No need to outsource your engraving orders. No need to postpone delivery of jewelry orders until the items have been engraved.

The RingCube provides high perceived value to customers as they watch their rings become keepsakes right in front of their eyes. This affordable, turnkey solution will empower you to grow your business by offering a high quality engraving service. The RingCube pack includes everything you need to engrave with ease and success.

  • 5.7" in touch-screen
  • Automatically adjusted engraving height
  • Text & symbol engraving
  • Engraving area:
    Ring: width 0.0591" - 0.315" in; 0.4724" - 0.9843" in
    Bracelet: width 0.1181" - 0.7874" in; 1.7717" - 3.1496" in
  • Machine Dimensions: 8.8583" x 10.6299" x 15.1575" in
  • Machine Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • *Optional outside ring/bracelet engraving accessories
* Extended Version SKU: RingCube EXT - suitable for engraving both inside and outside rings and bracelets.