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Wasatch Rip Software

    New Version 5.1 (Small Format Addition) makes SoftRIP better than ever before! Easy:

  • Setup is fast and “dummy-proof.”
  • Get great color right out of the box by using one of over 1300 plug-and-play profiles specific to printer, media, and settings selections.
  • Drag-and-drop controls for importing files into Wasatch SoftRIP and moving jobs between queues.

  • Powerful:

  • Color Transforms Screen makes color management clear and precise.
  • Added flexibility—adjust color curves and input profiles for different data types separately (RGB and CMYK, Vector and Raster).
  • Master Queues Screen is production Command center—users can manage all 4 RIP and Print Queues at once.

  • Fast:

  • New interface makes navigation a breeze.
  • Master Queues Screen allows total control of up to four printers at once.
  • Rip and Print queues are laid out in a simple and efficient manner.

  • New Features:

  • Archiving feature allows the user to save RIP’d jobs directly from the Print Queue.
  • New Color Match Annotation feature prints test pattern to aid in matching SWOP colors.
  • Improvements to Linearization and Ink Limiting.

  • From a Company You Trust:

  • Wasatch offers a no-penalty upgrade path. Users receive 100% credit when upgrading between products in the Wasatch family of products including: SoftRIP Large Format, SoftRIP Small Format, SoftRIP Light (drives only 1 printer), and SoftRIP SP for Screen Printing.
  • All Wasatch products include a 60 day money back guarantee, giving users a risk-free opportunity to learn and understand the great features and benefits of Wasatch SoftRIP.
  • 90 days of tech support is free with every purchase.
  • It’s the finest in the industry.

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Wasatch Rip Software (Small Format Addition)
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