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Neenah TECHNI-PRINT EZP (4.0) Transfer Paper For Laser Printers

Neenah TECHNI-PRINT 4.0 and EZP Transfer Paper

Neenah EZP TECHNI-PRINT (Replaced 4.0) Laser Transfer Paper For High & Low Temp Laser Transfer Printers. Designed for both oil and oil-less Laser Printers & Color Copiers

Neenah TECHNI-PRINT 4.0 and EZP Heat Transfer Paper is designed for both oil and oil-less laser printers.

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"High & Low Temp Laser" >>New!<< TECHNI-PRINT® EZP Heat Transfer Paper Papers (Replaces 4.0) is the latest color laser friendly heat transfer paper. It is designed for both oil and oil-less laser printers, copiers and can be peeled hot, warm or cold. This transfer paper is for the heat transfer (on white & light color blanks) of photos and images to T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, puzzles, handbags, binders, pad folios, paper, leather, magnets, wood veneer, nylon and more. Choose garments that have a tight weave. This is particularly important when transferring to sweatshirts. Can be applied by Heat Press or Home Iron! Heat Press Instructions | Home Iron Instructions | Transfer Cutting Tips!

8.5"x11" EZP High Temp Heat Transfer Paper
50+ $0.62 ea.
100+ $0.54 ea.
500+ $0.49 ea.
1000+ $0.42 ea.
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11”x17” EZP High Temp Heat Transfer Paper
50+ $1.25 ea.
100+ $1.08 ea.
500+ $0.98 ea.
1000+ $0.83 ea.
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*IMPORTANT: Our heat transfer papers have been tested and run successfully on most standard brands of inkjet printers and color copiers/printers when the correct heat transfer paper is selected for the above mentioned equipment. Customer is solely responsible for making selection of heat transfer paper. We make no claims or guarantees as to its suitability for any specific printer or copier. Always test to determine the suitability of the paper for use in conjunction with your equipment and methods. The seller’s and manufacturer’s maximum obligation shall be to replace any paper which has been proven defective. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer of this paper shall be liable for any injury/damage, direct or consequential, arising out of, or the inability to use this paper. Print results may vary on different ink jet brands, color copiers/printers and/or models. Output quality is dependent upon the user’s hardware, software and general knowledge and ability to use graphic and/or photo manipulation programs. Experimentation with your specific equipment may be necessary. Following the printing/application instructions is critical to achieve best results.

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