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Sawgrass Sublimation IQ Inks for Epson 4880 and 4800 Printer



Learn about sublimation imaging costs!

True 8-Color Printing The XG8 System adds new ink colors to the regular CMYK mix, improving image quality. Light cyan and light magenta provide smoother gradient transitions, red and blue offer an increased gamut and jet black adds more contrast and color pop to your images.

Customize Your Artwork Start with a color and view hundreds of shades surrounding that color using the Custom ColorSure Palette. This feature allows you to match the exact color and then save it to your palette for easy reproduction.

Advanced Print Control Gain control over your sublimation printing with PowerDriver XG8! This user-friendly software is included with the purchase of the XG8 System and includes new, enhanced printing and color matching features, enabling you to create flawless transfers, time and again.

A Spectrum of Colors The ColorSure XG8 color palette offers over 150 spot colors that easily correspond with Pantone colors so you can find the right color.

The SubliJet IQ Difference You can bank on the consistent accuracy of SubliJet IQ inks. Our PartnerPlus 100% satisfaction guarantee includes full product warranty, as well as expert-level technical support via telephone, email and fax. This comprehensive support delivers value and peace of mind to all of our customers.

Important! Please double check you've selected the right ink for your printer and the correct type (ie: cartridge versus refill bag, if available).