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Sublimation Paper For Sublimation Printing

The right sublimation paper can make all the difference when sublimation transfer printing!

AccuPlot is ideal for Epson desktop printers, Beaver TexPrint R is ideal for Ricoh desk top printers and Beaver TexPrintXP for wide format printers. These are the most widely used sublimation heat transfer papers on the market today. These sublimation transfer papers are ideal for SubliJet-HD, SubliJet R, SubliJet IQ, ArTainium and other sublimation inks. These high grade transfer papers produce excellent results for most any applications: shirts, mugs, tiles, plastic, metals such as license plates, wood plaques and more. Select the correct dye-sub paper for your ink and printer and you will achieve the best possible imaging results (ie: blacker blacks and richer colors!).

These sublimation papers are engineered to produce maximum color results with full image release for maximum color saturation. These papers have a special finish on the surface so the sublimation inks do not saturate into the surface of the paper and when applied to the product you'll get consistent imaging results with full image release.

Note: These papers are for use with sublimation inks only.
What is sublimation printing?

IMPORTANT: Sublimation printing will only work on white (or light colored)
100% polyester fabric and/or specially coasted hard surfaces items.
This paper is not for standard off the shelf printers/inks.

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