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Where to get the Best Sublimation Paper | Sublimation Paper Costs

The right sublimation paper can make all the difference to impress your customers. Sublimation transfer printing is a mainstay for any custom t-shirt printing shop. And you're going to want to make sure you choose the very best sublimation paper you can.

The Sublimation Process is the Best and Strongest

A dye sublimation printer uses a special liquid ink and an inkjet process to apply that ink to an equally unique sublimation transfer paper.

The transfer is then applied to a polyester fabric (or blend) using a heat press. The combination of the heat and the pressure causes the ink on the transfer to the finished good.

In technical terms, that means the ink turns into a gas, then is bonded molecularly to the material. It is an extraordinarily strong bond. You can think of this as "melting" into the fibers or the polyester surface if that helps.

Best Sublimation Paper Brands

You are going to want to match up your sublimation paper to the printer that you have.
These high-grade transfer papers produce excellent results for most any applications: shirts, mugs, tiles, plastic, metals such as license plates, wood plaques and more. If you make sure to select the best dye-sublimation paper that matches BOTH your ink and printer, you will achieve the best possible imaging results (ie: blacker blacks and richer colors!).

You will also wish to make certain you are buying sublimation paper that matches the scale requirements on your designs and transfers. Double-check that your printer can handle the paper you choose.

Picking the Best Sublimation Paper based on your printer.

All our papers are intended to When you use the best sublimation paper and printer, there is no distinction in feeling between the printed picture and the remainder of the material. If you were to close your eyes, you could not tell where the design is printed. If feels great.

  • AccuPlot is ideal for Epson desktop printers.
  • Beaver TexPrint R is ideal for Ricoh desk top printers.
  • Beaver TexPrintXP for wide format printers.
Best Sublimation Results

Ink Brands Supported

All Best Blanks sublimation papers are engineered to produce maximum color results with full image release. We have done the hard work of gathering and testing dozens of brands to make sure we only bring those that create maximum color saturation with the least problems.

  • SubliJet-HD
  • SubliJet R
  • SubliJet IQ
  • ArTainium

Engineered to Produce the Best Sublimation Results

Our sublimation papers also help ensure that your design does not bleed outside the image area. So that you will get consistent imaging results with full image release.

Whether your garment decoration business relies on sublimation of the very highest quality, or you want the best transfer paper to maintain the shirts flowing. You will find easy to follow instruction guides and there is lots of on-line support available.


Note: These papers are for use with sublimation inks only.

What is sublimation printing?

IMPORTANT: Sublimation printing will only work on white (or light colored) 100% polyester fabric and/or specially coasted hard surfaces items.

This paper is not for standard off the shelf printers/inks.

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