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Hix Heat Press Machines For All Heat Transfer Printing Applications

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Hix Heat Press

Hix Heat Presses

Hix Heat Press options include the popular SwingMan 20 and SwingMan 15 presses.

Called the SwingMan because of their swing away motion, they are particularly popular for working with the following:

  • Sublimation transfers
  • Screen printed transfers
  • DTF Direct to Film transfers
  • White Toner Transfers

Any kind of transfer technology requires a transfer heat press to use both heat and pressure to embed the image into the material.

For example, if you were using a Sawgrass SG1000 sublimation printer to make custom t-shirts you might choose the Hix Swingman 20. Because the Sawgrass will print on 11" X 17" paper, you can use that 16" x 20" platen on the Swingman 20 to print a full size transfer.

Choose the Swingman 15, on the other hand, for smaller applications. If you had a UniNet i560 white toner printer you could get the full 8.5" x 11" transfer onto a shirt with this press.

Why use a "Swing Away" Heat Press?

Heat press machines open in one of two ways:

Clamshell Style
Swing Away

The clamshell press opens just like a clam opens its shell. There's a hinge at the back and you close it and open the press up and down just like that shell.

A swing away transfer press opens straight up slightly, then swings to the side. It accomplishes the same thing as the clamshell heat transfer press, but with 2 big advantages.

Advantage 1: Safety

It's the top part of a heat press that actually provide the heat and the pressure. The bottom platen where you lay your shirt and transfer is normally just for that.

Like a small table to hoop your shirt and line up your transfer.

The top part is both heavy and HOT.

So if you're using a Hix S-450 15" x 15" automatic press, for example, you open up the clam and you've got a big square of 320F metal right above your hand.

Injuries are rate, but you do have to be aware.

The Swingman version of a Hix transfer press has the hot part swinging off to the side. No potential contact with the hot surface.

Advantage 2: Pop Friction

When you open a clam shell transfer press it releases the front first, then the back of the garment/transfer. And the automatic pop up options do that abruptly.

For some applications, like white toner transfers, that clamshell motion can pull the transfer apart. And potential lift a print back up off the garment.

The Hix Swingman lifts straight up first, then moves out of the way perfect for the application!

Swingman 25 Heat Press

Swingman 25 Heat Press
Hix Swingman 20Hix S650
Hix Swingman 20 TwinHix N800

More Hix Heat Press Machines

While the Swingman series are the most popular, there are some other great values in the Hix transfer press line. Here's a small selection find more at

Hix SwingMan 20 Heat Press 16"x20" Twin Table Swing-Away this clever swing away has 2 platens. You can press one transfer while you hoop the next!

Hix N-680 Heat Press 15"x15" Air Automatic, Includes Air Filter an air press is one that opens and closes with the help of an air compressor. Perfect for busy shops.

Hix FH-3000-D Label Press is a small, 3-3/4"x6-1/4" press designed specifically for pressing labels onto garments. But you'd be surprised how useful you'll find it for other applications like children's clothing, onesies and more.

If you're looking for something you don't see here, make sure you shop the full line of Heat Press Machines at Coldesi-Supplies (Colman and Company). Once you've found the right model, you learn some tips and tricks.

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Shop Hix Heat Press