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Avoiding Red Flags with UV Printers for Sale

close-up of compress UV printer

For businesses looking to grow, what's better than printing on almost anything? That's exactly what UV printing can provide.

The promise of UV printing means customizing an immense variety of items. This technology utilizes special inks that cure instantly under UV light. Working with UV printing means creating specialty prints that have added depth and texture. Technology like this even allows for printing braille. Having massive printing potential makes a UV printer a no-brainer.

Even with the exciting benefits, it can take a solid amount of research to make the right decision. Here are some red flags to avoid when considering a UV printer for sale.

Don't get swindled by suspicious savings.

UV Printing commands a higher price than other technologies. This is because of the wide printing versatility and great finished quality. But that higher price tag also makes it a large investment and commitment for any business.

Now, the thing to watch out for when shopping for a UV printer is prices that are not in line with the market. The promise of saving money and starting sooner might seem smart, but cutting corners on a tight budget will only create more headaches later and cost you even more.

Some third-party vendors might not even have full information on the printer. Smaller vendors may also buy UV printers, not aware of any updates and changes in parts. Knowledgeable vendors will illustrate the investment and show you the path to success. So, don't let outliers excite you, do your research and find the right UV printer for sale.

Mutoh UV printer
UV printers

Don't get left behind after the sale.

When buying a UV printer for sale, time is of the essence for getting a return on investment. That means closing the gap between buying the machine and full operation as soon as possible.

Make sure that any vendor you choose offers support for the printer from setup to training on the machine. If a vendor provides training, it's a wealth of information immediately available. That not only makes it easier to start learning but gives you a place you can return to with questions. Some vendors will provide a UV printer for sale, then cut off contact and leave you to your own devices. That means that if any problems were to arise, you are subject to inconsistent and potentially wrong information. Not only will this make it harder to learn, but it can even stop your business in its tracks without making money.

With the right vendor, there's less pain in learning and a faster path to profit. Training is another key investment for success in the UV printing industry.

Maintenance is Key to Consistency

With every technology, maintenance is inevitable. Whether it's part replacements, ink refills, or software updates, businesses need to prepare. Find a vendor that not only sells the printers but also provides the consumables for any print jobs. Purchasing the right UV printer also means keeping maintenance in mind.

From the get-go, any UV printer for sale needs to have a warranty. With mechanical issues out of your control, every precaution is necessary. The right vendor will have parts stocked for the simple jobs. They'll also have a team of technicians available to help with larger-scale maintenance. Along with training, a vendor without parts or technicians is not worth any savings.

Buying a cheap printer can cost you more in the end. This can start with being unable to find compatible parts and supplies. Then, it can escalate into days and weeks of downtime. Without research, it's a gamble not worth taking for any business. Sustaining your UV printer in the long term is as important as finding the right UV printer for sale.

compress printed items

In Summary:

  • Avoid vendors who aren't knowledgeable yet still have a UV printer for sale. Make sure they can illustrate what the printer can do and how it can fit into your business.
  • Make sure that the UV printer package includes training. The quicker that businesses can master the printer, the sooner they can make money.
  • A vendor should also offer extensive maintenance. It starts with warranties for the printer, then extends to selling replacement parts and having technicians on call.

Choosing the right vendor makes avoiding all these red flags easy. With the ColDesi line of UV printers, every step of the journey has business success in mind. With our on-site warranty for UV printers, every machine has a safeguard in place. On top of that, we offer in-depth training and support for the lifetime of the machine. Our team at ColDesi is here to help you succeed.

Want to learn more about the ColDesi line of UV printers? Call us at 877-793- 3278, or live chat with us here.