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Sublimation Equipment
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Sublimation Ink (Dye Sub Inks) For Virtuoso & Epson Printers

Artainium UV

Sublimation Ink (Dye Sub Inks) Sawgrass Dye Sublimation Inks For Virtuoso, Epson & Ricoh Printers

Sublimation Inks for Virtuoso,  Epson & Ricoh Printers
Choose your printer below. If you need help selecting the right printer for your needs please contact us.

Virtuoso Sublimation Systems
The next evolution in sublimation printing has arrived with Virtuoso Sublimation Systems from Sawgrass, built on the successful Ricoh printer platform using SubliJet HD sublimation Inks.

A top choice for digital decorators, entry-level sublimators and volume businesses that demand precision and fine detail in every image. High performance sublimation and pigment inks for personalization, mass-customization and digital textile printing.

Product Advantages

  • Uniquely formulated for Sawgrass' Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System.
  • Works with Virtuoso SG 400 and SG 800 printers to produce higher-definition images than ever before - up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • High-yield gel formula for the lowest possible image cost.
  • 26% larger color gamut than SubliJet-R for the most vibrant colors ever.
  • Convenient, single-use cartridges for maximum uptime and equipment life.

Sublijet IQ Inks is the Answer
When it comes to ease-of-use and consistent results, SubliJet IQ Ink is the answer!

SubliJet is the choice of most users. It's easier to learn and comes with the popular, point-&-click PowerDriver Pro Software. There's no ICC profiles to fiddle with, it's a shorter learning curve and you'll produce professional sublimated products in a fraction of the time!

What type of blank products require sublimation printing? Hard surface items such as: Mugs, Tiles, License Plates, etc. You can also print on white (or very light colored) 100% polyester material such as our white top mouse pads, coasters, Hanes Soft L'ink or Vapor shirts. Learn more about sublimation printing.

Sublimation Inks for Epson Printers

Epson Sublimation PrintersHere are some helpful hints for those who are just getting started:

  • What is sublimation printing? If you want to print on mugs, license plates and other popular hard surface items then Dye Sublimation printing is the answer!
  • Please keep in mind that this type of printing requires that your computer operating system be compatable with the PowerDriver Pro Software. Please check the details of the PowerDriver Pro software and your computer operating system prior to making a purchase.
  • Like most printing processes there is a learing curve. With sublimation printing the learing curve is perhaps a bit longer, in that, you must learn to use graphic design programs such as CorelDraw, PhotoShop or Hanes Sublimation Maker which in our opinion is the easist to use.
  • In addition there are color control management features to learn. The best advise we can give you is for you to make a small investment by purchasing the Sublimation Video Tapes. This process is not hard to learn but there is nothing better than seeing how this process is done with your own eyes!

About Sawgrass Products

We should note that for the bulk ink feed set-ups (that use the Quick Connect Kit) Sawgrass Inks uses a sealed bulk ink feed system (ie: vacuum sealed ink bags). These sealed ink bags significantly lowers the cost per print and ensures that your ink stays free from contamination. Open bottle systems tend to allow the sublimation inks to dry out and clog the print heads and/or the bulk ink feed tubes! Thereby wasting valuable sublimation ink and causing you lost production time.

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. is a specialty chemical company that develops innovative vertical market solutions with patented digital printing technology. By combining leading-edge digital ink products with advanced color management software, Sawgrass has developed state-of-the-art systems for high-quality color printing of personalized and customized images onto a wide variety of surfaces. These technologies enable customers to create, manage, and deliver visually rich products by harnessing the power of digital printing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Sawgrass Technologies now offers PartnerPlus™ -- a comprehensive plan to fully guarantee SubliJet digital transfer inks against performance issues or defects, and to fully support any printer under Epson warranty when used with SubliJet inks. This comes after Sawgrass earned the title Certified Epson Service Center by completing Epson's Service Training Program. Sawgrass is the only sublimation provider that can provide a legitimate, full-Epson-authorized service program.

PartnerPlus is a comprehensive user support program that provides SubliJet transfer system owners with the following:

100% satisfaction guarantee for all SubliJet users!

From the advent of SubliJet, Sawgrass has provided the highest quality product at the best value, by offering additional features and services not found elsewhere. Sawgrass has always had free technical support for SubliJet users, available by calling Authorized SubliJet Resellers or Sawgrass. Sawgrass also provides color management software and support and has long sponsored and Epson Authorized Service Center network, with discounts on printer maintenance for Sawgrass customers

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Explanation of PowerDriver Pro Software

Power Driver Pro for Windows
PowerDriver Pro is our own proprietary printer software, working alongside Epson's printer software to automatically color match artwork for metal, ceramic, fabric, mouse pads, and Unisub wood board. PowerDriver automatically sets the Epson printer settings for SubliJet printing.

Using PowerDriver is simple. Simply design your artwork, print to the PowerDriver printer, and transfer the image. Colors print the way you expect and photographic images look like the original. For spot color matches, PowerDriver comes with a useful color table that approximates Pantone spot colors for corporate logos and signage.

PowerDriver works alongside any graphics design software that runs under Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you can print from your application, you can print to PowerDriver!

Please see computer requirements where inks are offered for sale. See top of screen to select printer model.

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