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DigitalHeat FX | The Power of White Toner Printing


For any ambitious startup, launching a customization business is a massive opportunity. Customizing a wide variety of items means there's always business potential. A vast amount of opportunity presents several different methods to success. One process for customizing items is printing heat transfers. With heat transfers, it's as simple as printing and pressing transfers onto the item. Technologies for heat transfers include direct-to-film, heat transfer vinyl, and white toner printing. All 3 methods can be successful, yet only one option offers the most versatility. A white toner printer, like the DigitalHeat FX line, has the most opportunity at every skill level. Let's examine how businesses can succeed using white toner printers for heat transfers.

Beginner Friendly | Professional Results

The biggest fear a lot of new businesses have is learning their new technology. Many customization methods can take a significant amount of time to find consistency. Luckily, a white toner printer has the smallest time investment in comparison. White toner printers, like DigitalHeat FX, work like traditional inkjet printers. Printing is as simple as queueing a design in the software and then printing on a sheet of transfer paper. Once the design prints, it takes only a few minutes under the heat press to apply the design.

White toner printers, like DigitalHeat FX, provide businesses with extreme flexibility. When using other technologies, changing surfaces means many different processes. Meanwhile, no matter what the item is, with DigitalHeat FX the process stays the same. Print, press, and then peel. This means no extra steps like weeding the design or pre-treating the shirts.

With a simple process to learn, it takes less time to get started printing. After achieving consistency with t-shirts, it takes very little to branch out into other substrates. By changing the transfer paper, DigitalHeat FX works with mugs, wooden signs, glass, and more. When exploring different shirts and new hard surface materials, the fundamentals stay consistent. Once a business finishes its first print, they're on a fast track to success.

DigitalHeat FX is:

  • Easy to use
  • Consistent, yet versatile
  • Compatible with a variety of fabrics and hard surface materials

Powered by Ambition | Flexibility Without Compromise

DigitalHeat FX printers are perfect for almost any idea. Printers like the DigitalHeat FX line can work with a variety of materials. This means apparel, hard surface items like tumblers, and unique items like mylar bags and balloons.  Other transfer technologies have smaller scopes because of certain limitations. Sublimation only works with either special materials or 100% polyester. Direct-To-Film and Direct-To-Garment printers only work with apparel. Meanwhile, DigitalHeat FX works with both apparel and hard surfaces. All it takes is the right transfer paper under a heat press to get a high-quality result. Using a white toner printer for heat transfers allows businesses the most opportunities. From t-shirts, hard surface items, and even specialty items like temporary tattoos, each of these ideas is achievable with a DigitalHeat FX printer.

DigitalHeat FX has transfer paper for:

  • Regular Fabrics
  • Hard Surfaces
  • Heat Sensitive Products

Low Maintenance | Less Worry

One of the biggest perks of a DigitalHeat FX printer is the low amount of maintenance. Many other printing technologies have intricate processes for startup and shutdown. This intertwines with the need for daily printing to prevent clogs. The DigitalHeat FX printer uses toner and not ink. No liquids in the printer means no opportunities for clogging. The only maintenance for a white toner printer comes from replacing toner cartridges.

This allows anyone with a DigitalHeat FX printer to define their schedule. There's room for the weekend warriors or those full-time ambitions. Gone are the days of worrying about broken print heads or parts on backorder. With DigitalHeat FX, maintenance is so simple that everyone can succeed.


A Path to Success | The Perfect Business

It's no wonder businesses succeed using a white toner printer for heat transfers. No other technology is so easy to use, yet versatile enough to power a business. Other technologies need constant maintenance to stay consistent, while DigitalHeat FX stays simple. Choosing a white-toner printer is the easiest way to establish success. It also makes for a perfect companion to other t-shirt technologies. A white toner printer can fit in any business, whether just starting out or after years of success. No matter what item, skill level, or style of business, there is a path to success with DigitalHeat FX.

Have questions about the DigitalHeat FX White Toner Printers? Call 877-793-3278 or Live Chat with a Pro Today.