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Avancé Embroidery Machines

The Avancé 1501C 2020 comes with what’s most important for your business... Peace of Mind & the Freedom to Create

You’ll get everything you need to succeed including Training on how to use it and the basics of embroidery. You’ll get a great selection of hoops and accessories, a 5-year warranty and the best ongoing support in the business. [And ask about our digitizing software bundles!]

Start Making Money Right Away Yes – the 1501C is ready to embroider flats and caps right out of the box. You’ll get all the supplies you need to do BOTH

Included designs? Definitely. You get 4,000 embroidery designs to get you started. And there are on board fonts. And you get 2 of every hoop + and oversized border frame. 

  • Avancé 1501C
  • Full color touch screen control panel - makes it so simple to use!
  • 28 on board fonts for easy monogramming and lettering projects
  • HUGE design memory on board - 800 designs or 100 million stitches
  • 10.1" Full color, high resolution touch screen interface
  • USB Port - Convenient design load
  • FAST design load - saves production time
  • Network Ready - load designs from anywhere
  • Maximum speed 1200 SPM
  • Thread break detection
  • Control precision - min. controllable stitch intervals is .1mm
  • Wide Cap Frame - 270 degree
  • Quiet Operation! - quieter than our previous model
  • Real time stitching preview
  • Pinpoint laser for perfect embroidery positioning
  • Extended light - so you can see what you're sewing

There’s a reason our clients keep coming back.
(30,000 thriving business owners and counting!)

Also ask about Avance Avancé Bundles like the Monogram Package

When you’re part of our family, you don’t just get exceptional t-shirt printing machines. You get a partner in success from start to finish.