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The Cutting Tool That Doubles Your Productivity: The Graphtec CE7000 Series


Starting a custom printing business is a significant investment with promising returns. If you're planning to start one yourself, choosing the right equipment is one of the most important parts.

For vinyl customization, a high-quality and sturdy precision cutter is one of the most integral tools you must purchase before starting.

Graphtec is one of the leading brands when it comes to precision cutters, and their latest CE7000 series is no exception.

The Graphtec CE7000 series offers the latest in cutting technology, allowing you to maximize productivity and minimize cost.

So, let's get a bit more in detail about what makes these Graphtec cutters stand out from other brands.

What is a Graphtec Cutter?

Graphtec America Inc. is a global leader in precision cutting tools, making it a popular choice for custom print business owners and devoted hobbyists.

Graphtec cutters are specially designed to cut paper and materials of any size accurately, without hassle.

The company has produced several outstanding precision-cutting instruments, such as the FCX4000 and the F-MARK 2.

One of their newest releases, the CE7000 series, has become even more popular due to its innovative features and cutting-edge technology.


Features of a Graphtec CE7000

The CE7000 is a culmination of everything outstanding about Graphtec cutters. With an offline operation system and a continuous cutting feature, this cutter is perfect for any job. Here's an extensive list of the Graphtec CE7000's features: 

  • USB Offline Operation: The CE7000 series features a USB port to insert your flash drive and manipulate the cutting process using the machine alone. No computer needed!
  • Datalink Barcode System and Continuous Cutting: The CE7000 cutter contains a barcode scanner allowing it to subsequently cut multiple files or jobs by detecting the "start mark" of each new project.
  • Multiple Mark Compensation: This feature is exclusive to the CE7000 series. It's capable of compensating for any inaccuracies in the contour-cutting process, significantly increasing your productivity.
  • Auto Paneling: This new feature allows the CE7000 cutter to break down large projects into smaller pages for a more uniform sequential cutting.
  • Advanced Registration Mark Sensing (ARMS) System: This unique feature minimizes your chances of error when cutting. The ARMS system detects registration marks and performs axis alignment, ensuring that your Print & Cut results are precise.
  • Expanded Contour Cutting Area: This feature boosts your productivity and output by automatically expanding the job area. This allows objects outside the registration marks to be included.
  • Segment Area Compensation (X-Y): This innovative feature allows you to accurately cut large projects by detecting the middle point of each registration mark and correcting any distortion.
  • Reversed Color Registration Marks: The CE7000 series features reversed color registration marks allowing for sufficient contrast. This makes it easier to contour cut pre-printed, ultra-glossy, and other reflective media.

Specifications of a Graphtec Cutter CE7000

The CE7000 series has three distinct models: the CE7000-60, the CE7000A-40, and the CE7000AP-40. Each of these models comes with unique features to suit different needs. Here are their specifications:


The CE7000-40 comes with a grit-rolling plotter powered by Digital Servo Moto.

This model has a maximum cutting speed of 24 inches/sec and a maximum cutting force of up to 450 gf in 38 steps, which means you can easily cut thick and dense material.

This model allows you to cut projects with a maximum width of 15 inches or 38 cm and has a guaranteed tracking of 15" x 6.5'.


The CE7000-60 is much bigger and heavier than the previous model.

It also features the same grit-rolling plotter but with a larger maximum cutting width of 24 inches.

The model carries a similar cutting force to the previous model but with a faster cutting speed of 36 inches/sec at a 45-degree direction.


The CE7000-130 is the largest model in the series and features a maximum cutting speed of 39 inches/sec at a 45-degree direction.

Compared to the first two models, this one features four push rollers for a more stable and faster cutting process.

This model has a maximum cutting width of 50 inches or 127 cm and a guaranteed tracking of 50" x 16'.


What Accessories are Available?

You can conveniently mount the CE7000 models with a standard cutting blade for Graphtec's Supersteel blade for high-quality cutting results.

Graphtec also offers a few accessories for the CE7000 series, such as a blade holder, pen adapter, fiber pen, and a blade loupe.

As a modern version of the Graphtec cutters, you'll also get a software bundle that includes new versions of the Cutting Master 4 Plug-in, Graphtec Pro Studio, Graphtec Studio, and Windows Driver.

Print with High Quality and Cut with Precision

The Graphtec CE7000 series is an excellent choice for those who want to print and cut with high quality and precision.

With its superior performance, innovative features, fast cutting speeds, and modern software bundle, this series allows you to maximize your productivity and output.

Whether you're looking for a small model for your home office or a big and powerful model for your business, the CE7000 series has it all. With its impressive capabilities, you can guarantee you'll get the best results with every project.

At Best Blanks, we use the CE7000 series cutters to produce high-quality and precise custom printables for our customers.

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