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ArTainium UV+ Sublimation Ink for Epson & Ricoh Printers

ArTainium Sublimation Ink For Epson & Ricoh Printers

Airtainium UV Inks

ArTainium UV plus sublimation ink, the professionals choice

ArTainium is best known for its reliability and cost effectiveness. ArTainium sublimation inks work on both Mac and PC's. An ideal solution for those professionals who prefer to rely on their own color management expertise rather than a pre-established print interface and for those who require less technical support. ArTainium UV+ inks produce the highest quality graphics, quickly, easily, and consistently, enabling your business to make the most from the expanding sublimation market.

If you're not a graphic professional not to worry, we have a perfect solution for you. Click Here to learn about SubliJet, the choice of most sublimation users!

ArTainium UV+ Sublimation System Highlights

Color & Output Power

Get creative with color and output using custom ICC profiles that comes standard with ArTainium UV+ inks. Utilizing the Epson® driver, the ICC profiles provide creative freedom to control and manipulate output your own way.

Flexible Solutions

ArTainium UV+ systems are designed for the true graphics professional. With the ability to print in both Mac or PC environments, these flexible solutions work well in every environment.

More Ink for Your Money

Save money with ArTainium bulk ink systems. The EasyFlow® Bulk Ink system is available with ArTainium UV+ inks and provides a simple method to cut your costs per print by more than 60%. It's an easy way to keep cash where it belongs…in your pocket!

About Sawgrass Technologies

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of digital printing technologies that allow our customers to customize a vast array of products --- large and small --- including plastics, metals, films, ceramics, and textiles. Sawgrass develops state-of-the-art systems that enable customers around the globe to produce highly customized, high-quality, full-color images.

artainium UV ink