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Company Information

Terms & Conditions


    1) BESTBLANKS is not responsible for damage that maybe caused by improper handling/installation of our products.
    2) Although not common, it maybe necessary for customer to modify settings to their operating software and/or make system adjustments in order to set up the purchased equipment/software.
    3) Customer is responsible to insure the items they purchase are compatible with their needs and with their computer/software, etc. See web site for complete details.
    4) The seller’s and manufacturer’s maximum liability shall be to replace any product which has been proven defective by seller or manufacturer within the warranty period where applicable. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer of these products shall be liable for any loss of business, injury/damage, direct or consequential, out of, or the inability to use these products.
    5) Quality of final product(s) is dependent upon the user: following instructions, being knowledgeable in the use of graphic programs, and the user being familiar with computers & having general industry knowledge, etc. Experimentation with your specific equipment may be necessary in order to achieve desired results.
    6) Product Combinations are offered as a single purchase convenience. In the event a problem arises with an item(s) BESTBLANKS and/or the manufacturer will help to resolve the issue for that item. In no way does that entitle customer to return any other items from the purchase. See complete return policy above.
    7) BESTBLANKS will make best efforts to ship orders as soon as possible. However, customer understands there are circumstances that are not in BESTBLANKS control (ie: timely customer supplied information, payment delays, delivery delays, inventory availability, etc). Orders not arriving to customer within customers expectations does not give customer right to refuse or return items. Select shipping method that gets your order delivered within a safe time period. Shippers do not count Weekends or Holidays as shipping days. See our web site for complete shipping policy.
    8) VENUE, CHOICE OF LAW, AND ATTORNEYS FEES: In the event of any litigation arising out of this Agreement, all parties hereto agree that (i) the venue for any such litigation shall be Broward County, Florida, (ii) Florida law shall apply both procedurally and substantively, and (iii) the non-prevailing party shall reimburse the prevailing party for all attorney fees (including paralegal fees) and costs incurred through and including any appeals as well.
    9) Be advised some heat press models, cutters, engravers, printers, screen printing equipment etc: Geo DK20S, SP, Hotronix Swingers, Draw (& possibly others) as well as all heat presses on this page: are too heavy for UPS & FedEx to ship. These are shipped via truck line. Trucking company is only responsible to bring shipment to curb side address. You are responsible to unload and bring to inside location. Please make necessary arrangements.
    10) The seller does not guarantee the purchaser will derive income from the purchase which exceeds the price paid for the items purchased.

Supplies & Software

BESTBLANKS supplies/software are guaranteed to be free of defects. BESTBLANKS will replace supplies/software at our expense (if proven defective) upon the return of the defective items from customer. Exchange is for same item only. Customer is responsible for making sure their computer has a compatible operating system with that of the software and systems that we sell. See complete Return & Exchange Policy link below.

All Equipment (ie: Printers, Heat Presses, Cutters, Engravers, Screen Printing, etc)

If a product arrives in a non-functional state or has a broken or non-working part or is defective, then that product's warranty applies as specified by its manufacturer. BESTBLANKS will assist the customer if need be in contacting the manufacturer for service or an exchange.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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