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Flock Help

Click Here For Flock Kit Instructions with Home Iron and Heat Press

Creating a t-shirt design with easy-sheet peel off letters & logos

1 - First lay your T-shirt flat and create a lineup template/grid (made out of heavy paper stock) for the size of the design you want to create. In this example we want to create curved type on the top part of this design (use your computer for this). Line up the grid to the center of the shirt. Make a note of up and down dimensions as well.


2 - Carefully peel transfer letters off the paper backing sheet and line them up on the curved template.


3 - Once your type is placed, continue to work on your centering and spacing between the letters so they are all even.


4 - If you want to include a graphic make sure you include enough space for it. First, take the tiger graphic and cut closely around it, and center it below the westwood type (flock side up for now).


5 - With the tiger head holding the center position, we can now put our second line of type underneath. Using a T-square can help you line up and center your type. Now, remove the tiger graphic and press the letters for 12-15 seconds with medium pressure. Temperature setting on your heat press or iron should be between 325-350.


6 - Now place the graphic tiger into its original center position, flock side to the shirt and measure for proper centering. You may need to create a couple of marks on the paper side to indicate where the design is level before heat pressing. (note: make sure your transfer is on the shirt and the paper is facing you)


7 - Now repress the design with the required time, temperature and pressure, after 12-15 seconds lift the press head or iron and peel off the paper backing.


8 - Finish by brushing off any loose fibers that are still showing on the design. Dabbing with a piece of tape is also very effective for removing loose fibers.