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If you prefer direct sales help please fill out the form below. Our international sales team will be glad to help.
PLEASE NOTE: For orders placed directly with our international department our minimum is $500 (U.S.) or one machine.

(Guam, US Virgin Islands are considered outside US)

If you are requesting equipment please make sure you provide your voltage (ie: 120, 220 or 240 volts)

Our website has all information and pricing on most everything.
We no longer print a catalog because we update our website on a regular
basis. Please print out the pages of interest if you would like a hard copy.
If you need further help please call us 954-989-1250

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We ship world wide on a regular basis. Payment terms are bank wire only (unless using our online international checkout). We are sorry we do not accept credit cards for international orders when orders are placed directly with our international department.

International Requests:
Please fill out the form above and provide an exact list of all
items (models, qty's, voltage for equipment, etc). We will respond with total cost with shipping.
PLEASE NOTE: For international orders placed directly with our international dept our minimum is $500.00 (U.S.) or one machine. However, there is no minimum if checking out using our international checkout process in our shopping cart.

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