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Vapor Apparel Garments For Sublimation Printing

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Vapor Long Sleeve Ladies V-Neck

Vapor Apparel

The IDEAL Sublimation T-Shirts and More

Vapor Apparel started making wholesale sublimation t-shirts in response to a need in the marketplace.

If you're already in the custom t-shirt business and are here looking for wholesale sublimation blanks you know there have always been 3 problems:

  • The BOX whenever you heat press a sublimation transfer onto a polyester shirt it leaves a virtually permanent outline where the heat press applied pressure.
  • Color Change inside the box, the color of the material changes, so even of the outline from pressure wasn't there, the heat actually changes the color of the garment itself.
  • Quality and Design it's really 2 issues in one. It's easy to find great apparel designs in cotton and blends - hoodies, ladies v necks, long sleeve tees - lots of options.

The same goes for the quality of the t-shirt, for example. Find very high-end t-shirts blanks online? No problem! Find anything but cheap feeling 100% poly shirts for sublimation, difficult if you can find them at all.

Vapor Apparel Wholesale Sublimation Shirts

Vapor's knowledge of the wholesale custom t-shirt market, design aesthetic, and clever manufacturing process solves those problems. And maximizes your opportunities for a profitable custom t-shirt sublimation business.

What make Vapor shirts different?

Simple. They make all of their apparel specifically for sublimation, so they think ahead.

Vapor applies heat to the YARN that all of their clothing is made of. So when the heat from the press is applied to the shirt it doesn't affect it in the same way another 100% polyester shirt is affected.

That blue t-shirt stays blue. It doesn't get burnt.

And the yellow Vapor Apparel hoodie? Stays yellow.

They have also figured out a way to defeat the Box itself with process PLUS materials. Take a look at the Vapor Foam kit, which no sublimation t-shirt business should be without in this video.

Material Science

Just the way they treat yarn even before they make the fabric is impressive. But they also create their own material that sets it apart.

Many times, when you feel a standard 100% polyester shirt - that's the way it feels. Like you can almost tell it was made from recycled water bottles.

The amazing thing about Vapor, especially their Eco-Bloq line, is that the material IS made from recycled water bottles. But it doesn't FEEL that way.

In fact, Vapor t-shirts often feel just like cotton and cotton blends. Soft to the touch and incredibly breathable.

Vapor Short Sleeve Polo

Making Your Business more PROFITABLE

While not one of the 3 biggest problems we started with, perceived value can be a real problem in the custom t-shirt business. Many times, that starts with the availability of cheap shirts.

If you're in business now, you've probably had people show up at your shop with a box of shirts from Walmart. Or they've sent you a link to some super cheap polyester shirts they found online.

WE know that if you start with $2.00 wholesale polyester blank shirt 2 things will happen:

#1: You are not going to make much money - because you and your customer both expect a cheap output.

#2: There's a decent chance that the cheap shirt is not going to sublimate well anyway, so you're going to waste more shirts, transfers and inks. And the design won't look as good as it could in the end anyway.

So Vapor Apparel has provided a real premium brand of shirt - a premium quality of material - AND made it perfect for sublimation.

When you and your customer can both see the garments retail, BLANK, for $35.00 online it's easier to justify you charging what your work is actually worth.

Vapor as a company has addressed the 3 biggest challenges sublimation shops have in their line of premium apparel. And your average sale!


Perfect for PEOPLE, not just Sublimation

The solar performance Vapor line up are sometimes referred to as "sun shirts".

While the description is catchy, it actually means the opposite thing.

Vapor Apparel garments are sun blocking shirts. In technical terms they are UPF shirts providing UV protection for the wearer.

According to the CDC, 4.3 million adults are treated each year for conditions commonly referred to as skin cancer.

And the Moffit Cancer Center lists UV radiation, mostly from the sun, as a prevalent cause.

If you were looking for a sunscreen to protect you from UV radiation you would look at the SPF rating. The higher the SPF rating, the more protection you can expect.

With fabric and other materials, the UV protection scale is called the UPF rating.

And the highest you can get is a UPF 50+.

UV Shirts, Sun Shirts, etc are terms that describe Vapor Apparel because they offer the most protection from UV rays on the market.

Now consider the value that you bring to the marketplace. Isn't Vapor Apparel a wholesale sublimation shirt maker you want to partner with?

Vapor Apparel Pricing and Availability

Retail pricing for Vapor products is available directly on their website. Wholesale pricing can be found at Colman and

Here's the kind of profitable margins that are built right into this product line.

This Sun Protection Long Sleeve Polo is available directly from Vapor at $40.00 each

Sun Protection Long Sleeve Polo
The exampled prices were captured at the time this case study was completed. Actual prices mary vary.

The same product is available to you, and normally in stock, at $16.38 Long Sleeve Solar Polo - Vapor Apparel | Colman and Company

Sun Protection Long Sleeve Polo from Colman
The exampled prices were captured at the time this case study was completed. Actual prices mary vary.

You can sell this shirt with your custom design or your customer logo on it and offer it at the same price people can buy it for on the Vapor website.. blank.

For a $23.62 gross profit.

What Else will you Need?

If you are in the sublimation t-shirt business but have never worked with Vapor Apparel, you are in for a treat. It's very easy to work with.

Vapor Foam Kit

We recommend that you add one of the Vapor Foam Kits to your business on your first order. You don't have to, of course, but that's part of the secret of doing away with the Box!

Vapor Foam Kit
The exampled prices were captured at the time this case study was completed. Actual prices mary vary.
Mug Press

Heat Press

You'll also want a good quality heat press. Let's face it, you're going to be charging premium prices for a premium product. That means that every single press counts.

The best way to ensure a good press every time is with a higher quality heat press like one of these:

Hotronix STX20 - The Hotronix STX20 is not the only heat press you can use for sublimation, but it is the one most recommended by the team at Colman and Company for use with Vapor Apparel and the Sawgrass sublimation printers.

It's got a 16" x 20" bed, which means you can press big, PROFITABLE designs onto large t-shirt sizes.

[If you decide to add sublimation MUGS to your business you would need a specific kind of heat press called a "mug press". Find that here.]

Sawgrass Sublimation Printers

The Sawgrass SG1000 sublimation printer is the vest value on the market.

You get a professional printer that's made for sublimation, high quality inks and a great company behind them both.

The SG1000 is an 11" x 17" printer that is easy to use and print big enough for any design.

There are other options that you can find here: Sawgrass Printers - ColDesi but when you watch any of our Vapor Apparel videos, the printer we used to make the image is the SG1000

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