Graphtec CraftRobo & CraftRobo Pro

Craftrobo-Pro Cutter (from Graphtec) is ideal for use in the craft market. Perfect for cutting paper, vinyl & More. The CraftRobo and CraftRobo Pro is the latest exciting addition to equipment offerings.

An awesome feature on this under $300.00 cutter is the ARMS system.

ARMS stands for (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) so that you can contour cut (die cut) printed media in full color from your laser or inkjet printer.

In English…It will take your heat transfers and cut them out perfectly within a fraction of a hair’s width!

Of course, it will also cut all the Thermoflex Heat Transfer Vinyl and regular sign vinyls.

The Craft Robo and its bigger brother the CraftRobo Pro. are inexpensive, fast, offer excellent cutting downforce, and include the optical ARMS sensor.